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The Art Business Conference returns to New York in 2023, following a three-year hiatus, for a full day conference on April 26 followed by a half day of talks, training and workshops on sustainability on April 27. For all those involved in buying, selling or caring for art, whether as a gallery owner, operations director, art advisor, studio manager, foundation, private collector, auctioneer or museum professional, this conference covers the key aspects of running an art business or collection. 

April 27, 2023

April 27: our day 2 talks program takes place from 10am-2pm hosted at Crozier HQ in Chelsea and is focused on Climate Sustainability: “What are the opportunities and blocks to climate action in the art world in 2023?”

10am – 2pm

Location: Crozier HQ 525 W 20th, NY 10011

The half-day program will commence with a roundtable, followed by a short coffee break, then three educational workshops, ending with a networking lunch.  The aim of the talks is to build upon the talking points from the sustainability panel the day prior, and to enable a deeper dive into specific topic areas.  The round tables will be led by professionals from across the art world, these will be informal and intended to encourage open dialogue together with attendees on how best to achieve collective goals in sustainable practices. The program was conceived in collaboration with Laura Lupton (LHL Consulting).

10am: Welcome remarks by Nicole Bouchard (Crozier) 

10:05am-11:15am Roundtable: The Market: What are the opportunities and blocks to climate action in the 2023 art market in NYC? 

Moderator: Laura Lupton (LHL Consulting, Barder) Speakers: Maureen Bray/ADAA, Heath Lowndes (Gallery Climate Coalition GCC) and Liz Bloomfield (Marianne Boesky Gallery) 

 The Institution / The Makers / The Exhibition: What are the opportunities and blocks to climate action in 2023 arts programming and exhibitions?

Moderator: Nicole Bouchard (Crozier) Speakers: Johanna Rietveld, (Art/Switch), Elizabeth Dee (Independent), David Brooks (artist), Marisa Prefer, (Pioneer Works)

11:15am-11:30am Coffee break

11:30am-12:45pm Workshops:

Workshop 1: Climate Impact Reporting 

Hosted by: Laura Lupton (LHL consulting, Barder) & Heath Lowndes (Gallery Climate Coalition, GCC)

Workshop 2: Climate Control: Sustainable Strategies to Improve your Collection Environment

Hosted by Christopher Cameron (Sustainable Heritage), James Pantoleon (Crozier) and Ryan Macleod (Crozier)

Creating an optimal storage environment is not just about reducing energy consumption. Properly implemented saving strategies may improve the preservation quality of the environment as well.  In addition, proper storage environments should result in less environmental damage to the collection materials and potentially increase the life of the collection materials. However, successfully implementing energy saving strategies at an institution can be complicated. Some institutions fail at implementation or do not utilize strategies successfully due to a lack of understanding of a number of factors pertaining to their collection, building, or environment. This workshop will discuss the key factors that play a role in successfully implementing energy saving strategies and working to create an optimal storage environment.  

Workshop 3: Crating/Transporting Art

Hosted by Christopher Barber (Crozier) and Yulia Roman (Iron Mountain) 

This workshop will discuss the environmental issues of traditional art crates and discuss challenges that exist in reducing the carbon footprint of art crating & transport, addressing critical questions such as: Where do you start? What existing information resources are there to help you improve the practice? What existing products or services are you aware of? What has been your experience with them so far? It will also examine alternative ideas for reducing the carbon footprint of art in transit and what changes you can make right away. 

12:45pm-2pm Closing Remarks (Nicole Bouchard) and Networking lunch

The program was conceived in collaboration with Laura Lupton (LHL Consulting) 

Meet our speakers

Laura Lupton  

Laura Lupton is an art and climate consultant and the co-founder of several collaborative ventures at the intersection of art and climate: Galleries Commit, Artists Commit, Barder, and the Visual Arts PACT. With over a decade of experience working directly with some of contemporary art’s leading galleries, museums and artist studios to produce large scale projects, Laura has a robust inside knowledge of what it takes to catalyze action from within. Projects she has been part of have been presented by Creative Time, MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Venice Biennial, Tate Modern, and The Shed, among others. She consults on a variety of projects in the art sector.tor to help teams better understand a project's climate impact and is the Director of Strategy at Art into Acres.  

Maureen Bray   

Maureen Bray is the Executive Director of the Art Dealers Association of America, the leading nonprofit membership organization of fine art galleries across the United States. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the art world, Bray oversees the ADAA’s programming (including its annual art fair, The Art Show) and advocacy on behalf of art dealers and the broader industry. During her tenure, she has significantly expanded the educational resources available to ADAA members; spearheaded a dynamic legislative outreach to represent fine art small businesses in Washington, D.C., with a focus on recent tax and regulatory legislation; created new digital initiatives to support members throughout the U.S.; and developed the organization’s collaborative engagement with other arts and culture associations, both domestically and abroad. During the pandemic, Bray also focused on a series of initiatives designed to help galleries economically so that they could remain the cultural anchors of their communities, in New York and elsewhere.

Heath Lowndes

Heath Lowndes is co-founder and Managing Director of the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC), which he has run since its launch in 2020. GCC is an international charity and membership organisation set up to provide sector-specific resources and guidelines for environmental responsibility. 

Christopher Cameron

Christopher Cameron worked as a Sustainable Preservation Specialist at the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) for 9 years. During this time, he assisted over 60 institutions with projects ranging from evaluating collections environment and mechanical systems to establish environmental monitoring programs. He has hosted workshops on sustainability in cultural institutions and delivered webinars on a broad range of topics. 

Prior to working at IPI, Christopher worked for over 12 years as a facility manager for a major real estate corporation. He is a Certified Project Manager and is trained in HVAC refrigeration. Recently he became a Certified Energy Manager. He has a passion for the cultural heritage preservation and believes that any institution, no matter how big or small, can have a significant impact on our carbon reduction. 

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